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Listen to Dr Sudhir Kalhan explaining How Gall Bladder Surgery works miracle for the patients with gall bladder problems:


What is Gall Bladder?

  • The gall bladder is a pear shaped organ that rests beneath the liver.
  • Its main purpose is to collect & concentrate a digestive fluid [bile] produced by the liver.
  • Removal of the gall bladder is not associated with any impairment of digestion in most people as the diseased Gall Bladder has already lost its functional capacity.


What causes Gall Bladder problems?

  • Gall bladder problems are usually caused by the presence of gallstones.
  • It is uncertain why some people form gallstones.
  • There is no known means to prevent gallstones.
  • If the gallstone blocks the common bile duct, jaundice can occur.
  • Pancreatitis is a life threatening condition which may be caused by gall bladder stones.
Gall Bladder Location

Location of Gall Bladder


How are Gall Bladder Symptoms found & treated?

  • Ultrasound is most commonly used to diagnose gallstones.
  • Gallstones do not go away on their own, but can be temporarily managed with drugs or making dietary adjustments.
  • Symptoms will eventually continue unless the gallbladder is removed.
  • Surgical removal of the gallbladder is the time honoured and the safest treatment of gallstone disease.


What preparation is required for Gall Stones Removal Surgery?

  • Preoperative preparation includes blood test, medical evaluation, chest x-ray and an ECG depending on the age & medical condition.
  • After midnight the night before the operation, you should not eat or drink anything except medications that your surgeon/ anaesthetist has told.
  • Drugs such as aspirin, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory medications  & vitamin E need to be readjusted temporarily for several days to weeks prior to surgery.


How is Laparoscopic Gallbladder removal performed?

  • Under general anaesthesia.
  • Usually about four small incisions are made in the abdomen approx. 5-10 mm in size.
  • A telescope is passed into one of the small incisions to see inside the abdomen. Using long armed instruments surgery is performed & gall bladder is removed.
  • A drain may be placed during the procedure, which will be removed later.
Gall Bladder

Gall Bladder Surgery Procedure

Gall Bladder


Advantages of having the Laparoscopic Gall Bladder removal?

  • Minimal scar on the abdomen.
  • Minimal post-operative pain.
  • Patient usually goes home the next day.
  • Normal activities can be resumed within few days.
  • No residual weakness.
  • Precise surgical technique can be performed.

Gall Bladder


What if operation cannot be performed by the laparoscopic method?

  • In a small number of patients, the laparoscopic method cannot be performed.
  • If the surgeon feels that it is safer to convert the laparoscopic procedure to open one, it is not a complication, but rather sound surgical judgment.
  • The decision to convert to an open surgery is strictly based on patient safety.


What complications can occur?                                                                                    

  • While there are risks associated with any kind of operation, the vast majority of laparoscopic gallbladder patients experience a few or no complications & quickly return to normal activities.
  • Complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy are infrequent, but include bleeding, infection, and unintended injury to adjacent structures which may require another surgical procedure to repair it, bile leakage, and escape of stones in the abdominal cavity, pneumonia or heart problems.


What should I expect after GallBladder surgery?

After the operation, it is important to follow doctor’s instructions. Although many people feel better in just a few days, remember that your body needs time to heal.

  • You are encouraged to be out of the bed the day after surgery and to walk. This will help diminish the risk of blood clots in your legs and soreness in your muscles.
  • You will probably be able to get back to most of your normal activities in a week’s time. These activities include showering, driving, walking up stairs, working & engaging in sexual intercourse.
  • If you have prolonged soreness or are getting no relief from the prescribed pain medication, you should notify your surgeon.


Can MAS be done in children also?

  • Several MAS procedures can be done in children. Some of the commonly done procedures are diagnostic laparoscopy, hernia repair, removal of gall bladder, removal of appendix, removal of kidney stones etc.


Is it risky for people with other medical problems like Diabetes, Hypertension & Morbid Obesity?

  • Not at all. On the contrary, minimization of the trauma to the body by MAS causes minimal disturbance of normal physiology. Hence, there is no risk of aggravation of other conditions.


What are other procedures which can be done laparoscopically?

Almost every organ in the human body has become accessible to the surgeon and MAS can be applied to most of the surgical procedures. Some of the conditions for which Minimally Access Surgeries are commonly performed are:-

  • Abdomen – Gall bladder stones, Appendicitis, Gastro – intestinal ulcers, Rectal prolapse & Splenectomy.
  • Hernia – Inguinal, Umbilical, Epigastric, Femoral, Incisional & Hiatal.
  • Urinary System- Urinary stones, Enlarged prostate, Bladder cancer & Adrenalectomy.

Priyanka Gandhi undergoes Gall Bladder Removal Surgery

Priyanka Gandhi, 41, underwent a laparoscopic gall bladder surgery at Sir Gangaram Hospital on Monday morning.
The surgery, done laparoscopically through several small incisions in the abdomen, was done by of Dr Parveen Bhatia, Dr Sudhir Kalhan and Dr Vivek Bindal from the Department of Minimal Access Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Priyanka is stable and recuperating in a private room, where she was visited by mother Sonia Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi.

She was admitted to the hospital on Sunday night. Her husband Robert Vadra is with her. She is likely to be discharged tomorrow, with the final decision by the doctors.

Check what Patients are saying about Gall Bladder Removal Surgery performed by Dr Kalhan:

“Dr Sudhir Kalhan removed my gall bladder 3 years ago through laparoscopic surgery. I have no complications after surgery even digesting fatty meals. He is the best surgeon in the world in this surgery. I was amazed to experience zero pain just after the surgery. Thanks to Dr Kalhan and his entire team”.
…Safiul Islam




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